Products: LAMP BASES

Our wooden bases are born from the need to find the right place for large and important handmade lampshades. These lamps, in fact, need adequate bases, which slender the portentous hats, creating unique objects of furniture, able to bring, with their soft light, a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We have chosen to focus exclusively on wooden bases, because wood is a very versatile material on which we can express our creativity, with the classic style that characterize us. A unique, authentic, 100% hand crafted product that is suitable for the most varied style of furnishings, in fact we use neutral colors such as antiqued white, perfect everywhere and antique ivory / gold, suitable for classic or antique trade furniture. Our wooden bases are electrified with a gold-colored silk thread. The products are all painted and finished by hand, so they could be subject to small variations in color that characterize their craftsmanship. If you want to customize your base, the rough bases for lamps can be found on the page "Unpainted Bases" in the "DIY" section.