Products: LUXURY

Everyone says that they sell handmade embroideries, but most of the time it´s not true. Our selection of luxury linens for home really contains handmade embroidered items and those who know and appreciate this art immediately can recognize the difference. We want to preserve a tradition that is disappearing, the trousseau, proposing pieces of luxury household linen with a timeless style, to be used forever and to hand down to future generations as done for precious jewels. We create bed sheets, tablecloths, towels and centerpieces with handmade embroideries, with the highest quality materials that will give freshness and class to your home. We work mainly on custom order, because we believe that those who purchase these linen jewels have the right to have our full attention, choosing the decoration, fabric and colors that best suits their needs. The wait is part of the game because everything is done by hand and it takes time. For information and quotes, please go to the "Contact" section.