The Arte Artigianato’s handcrafted lampshades are not only simple lamps but objects that furnish and create, with their refined and classy style, the warm and welcoming atmosphere typical of old houses. Our lampshades arise from the desire to enhance embroidery, which is the common thread and the fulcrum of this activity. A lamp is in fact the perfect showcase for handmade embroidery, from which you can admire it every day without fear of ruining it. Lampshades made by hand, according to the ancient traditions of a craft in extinction, customized and tailored on the needs of the customer. We focus on quality, becoming masters in the most complex assemblages that no one does, like the plisse’ and the sewn lampshade, both perfect to valorize the beauty of the embroidery. Each work is exclusively carries out by us, by hand, with top quality materials 100% made in Italy. Fabric lampshades absolutely different from those you can find in the stores, well finished in all the details and refined both internally and externally with precious trimmings. Customized lampshades, tailored following the customer´s project and, if needed, using fabrics and embroidery provided by the client. On this page some examples of the work we can carry out, with an indication of prices as well. For custom lampshades, lampshade restoration, or any kind of information, including quotes, please go to the "Contact" section.